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Re: Disney's Dinosaur Movie

now now Mike.  You know full well that computers do all your in-betweens
these days, not like in the old days when it was cheap human labor that
couldn't be trusted to do anything else but trace blue line done by your
master animators. 

We have it easy nowadays.

-Betty Cunningham
(who learned to animate over 20 years ago, thank you very much)

"T. Mike Keesey" wrote:
> [Re: Fantasia]
> > > Scary stuff for a little boy, too! But for me only after several viewings.
> > > It grew on me. The devil on Bald Mountain was exquisite artistry by an
> > > artist named Tytla. His genius came from his hands, not a computer.
> What the hell do we computer animators use -- our noses?
> Sorry about the off-topic post; I just get a little pissed off when people
> consider traditional animation somehow "nobler" than computer animation.
> (Especially after spending two weeks painstakingly working on a fully
> articulated six-limbed creature -- the computer doesn't do all the work,
> folks!)

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