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Re: Disney's Dinosaur Movie

heh heh heh um no
they filmed Bela Lugosi doing it but it wasn't hitting what the animator
wanted for that sequence so a buddy filmed the animator late at night
doing the motions with his own timing (without telling Walt) and they
used THAT for the reference for the sequence. 

The ORIGINAL version of NIGHT ON BALD MOUNTAIN was using a pin screen,
and is even more amazing (I beleive it was a silent animation just after
GERTIE the DINOSAUR in the 1910's).  Disney's version was not the first.

-Betty Cunningham

> As a side-bar , it might be interesting to know that the movements of the
> demon in the  ' Bald Mountain ' sequence were based on live-action footage
> performed for Disney by none other than Bela Lugosi  of ' Dracula '  fame .
> My second favorite sequence after the Dinos ( see , I did get 'em in ! )

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