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Re: Disney's Dinosaur Movie

Without computers someone has to pay BOTH the grunt animators AND you to
do this.  
With computers someone just pay YOU to do the whole thing.
My art director position is showing up-sorry.  I have to consider ALL
staff thrown at a problem rather than just one artist's position.

Harder?  Rather lets' say less man-hours, and far less prone to human
error with the computer.
The computer animation has an UNDO, after all.  

-Betty Cunningham
(we should take this off list, apologies to the rest of you who are
thrilled by cladistics and pathologies rather than NURBS, inverse
kinematics or even humble bitmaps)

"T. Mike Keesey" wrote:
> Okay, what's harder?:
> 1) Draw 50 pictures of the same dinosaur, then let the grunt animators
> fill in the blanks
> 2) MAKE a dinosaur, tell it how its joints, etc. should move, set 50
> keyframes, and let the computer fill in the blanks

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