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Dinosaur Genera List corrections #106

The latest Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology carries descriptions of two
dinosaurs in addition to the bird and the article on theropod phylogeny. I
can't provide complete references because my copy hasn't arrived yet, but I
have enough information to add the two names to the Dinosaur Genera List.
Whee--three DGL corrections in two days!

First we have Eucoelophysis baldwini Sullivan & Lucas, 1999, a new genus and
species to which Cope's >original< Coelophysis type material (which is now no
longer the type material of Coelophysis) is referred. And we have a new
ankylosaur, Nodocephalosaurus kirtlandi Sullivan, 1999. This name is already
in the List as a nomen nudum, so its listing simply changes:

Eucoelophysis Sullivan & Lucas, 1999
Nodocephalosaurus Sullivan, 1999

and the genera count increments by 1 to 849.