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A Qilong Spiel

Members of the List,

  I am sorry to announce that just last evening, a
beloved member of my computer family has passed away.
We all knew Qilong was hideous, ugly, something others
would shirk off their shoulders, but in our hour of
it's departure, we remember ... the oviraptors.

  Qilong realized that it was no longer ...
beautiful, a shining member of our photo gallery, and
was taken from us all by the Great Webmaster. Let us
observe a moment of ... sniff! ... silence.


  Okay, enough stupid gag: I know no one's laughing.
For the time being, my site is off-line, except for the
pics, index page, and references page, and some may
have the links to the last. If not, it is included
below. So bear with me. I realized that my site also
needed a facelift, and that will be easily


  Okay, you can party now!

- Greek proverb: "Knowledge is Inherent;
  Stupidity is Learned." -

Jaime A. Headden

Qilong, the we---is temporarily out of service.
Please check back when the phone lines are not busy.
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