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Matt Troutman said on 27th March 1999..

"Although some workers on the
minority side of the origin of birds debate are very... uh... we won't
go there.... "

... presumably some episode or place where we had an alarming experience or
two.  Well, Alan, Sankar and Larry Febo haven't shocked us too much have

"...others like Larry Martin and Johann Welman are constructing
alternative phylogenetic hypotheses based on actual evidence from

I don't know of any on the minority side who haven't constructed
alternative phylogenetic hypotheses, and those are the ones who usually
*don't* base their evidence on second order evidence from a philosophically
speculative theory.

"It is hard to deny the power of the theropod hypothesis, ..."

People often cast the issue in the form of "theropod" vs "non-theropod", but
there is more than one theropod theory, and most are mutually exclusive.  In
some ways, all the wrong theories have more in common with each other than
with the truth.

"While it is true that some workers have made the origin of birds debate
a personal vendeta, some workers have not and have thrown some
reasonable evidence into the ring."

Those for whom the debate has become  a "prolonged or bitter feud or
quarrel" may still contribute useful evidence!