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Notes from ScienceScan

 This newsletter's URL is http://www.cyberspacemuseum.com/news.html  If you
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The Tyrannosaurus rex named sue has a web cam at
the Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago.  You
can now watch paleontologists and technicians as they
clean and prepare the remains of this predatory
dinosaur for display.

Go to http://www.cyberspacemuseum.com/news1n.html 
to learn more. 


You can visit the Milwaukee Public Museum's third
planet exhibit via a virtual tour.  This tour includes
rotating panoramas of aTorosaurus, a Stegosaurus, and
a Tyrannosaurus.  You can explore life through time
from the Precambrian to the present via the virtual
representations of the Milwaukee Public Museum's
excellent diorama exhibits.

Go to http://www.cyberspacemuseum.com/news3n.html 
to learn more.