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Re: "Phylogenetic Definitions and Nomenclature..."

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>> > >The 3/15/99 issue of JVP also reveals the long-awaited "Phylogenetic
>> > >Definitions and Nomenclature of the Major Taxonomic Categories of
>> > >the Carnivorous Dinosauria (Theropoda)," by Kevin Padian, John R.
>> > >Hutchinson, and Thomas R. Holtz, Jr.
>> >
>> > Could somebody PLEASE send me a reprint of this.  No local library
>> > gets JVP any more.
>> Same here.  I'd like to make the same request, if possible.
>> Nick Pharris
>> 416 Carlyon Ave SE
>> Olympia, WA 98501-3411
>Make that  three. I'll gladly pay any expenses .
>Regards ,
>Truett Garner

    I'm too lazy/busy/far from a library to get to see a reprint.  If
someone would be good enough to send a reprint to me as well, I will pay
expenses for one copy.  If some will do so, please send me an email stating
that you will be sending it so that there is no duplication of effort, and
send me the expected amount of expense.

    Send to:

        Allan Edels
        P.O. Box 729
        Morrisville, PA, 19067-0729


        Allan Edels