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Dinosaur TV Week

Here are some highlights of US national television
programming concerning dinosaurs, other prehistoric
animals and evolution, from high art to low trash and
(hopefully) back again, all times Eastern (check local
listings to confirm, as even The Infallible One makes
mistakes now and then):

Monday, March 29

The Learning Channel, 10:00pm (repeats immediately
following 1:00am, and 5:00pm Sunday)
"Dinosaur Doomsday"
No, not dino tax day.  What killed the dinosaurs?  I'm
with Horner on this one.

The Learning Channel, 10:30pm (repeats immediately
following 1:30am, and 5:30pm Sunday)
"Killer Raptor"
Golden eagles?  Unfortunately, no.  Dromaeosaur hunting

Wednesday, March 31

Discovery Channel, 9:00pm (also airs immediately
following midnight, and 3:00pm Saturday)
Discover Magazine
"The New Dinosaurs"
A look at new theories on dino depth perception, dino
sounds, theropod MO's.

Friday, April 2

The Discovery Channel, 9:00pm (also airs midnight)
The Hunt for Amazing Treasures
"The Hunt for T-Rex (sic)"
There's T. rex in them thar (Black) hills.

The Discovery Channel, 10:00pm (also airs immediately
following 1:00am, and 4:00pm Sunday)
Hunting the Dinosaur
Seeking dinosaurs in Ethiopia.

Saturday, April 3

Discovery Channel, 4:00pm
The Complete Guide
"T. rex"
Hour-long docu on most famous dinosaur.  Actually
pretty neat, especially the conservative CG dino

TNT, 8:00pm (also airs immediately following 10:00pm,
and 3:30pm Sunday)
The Lost World
Apparently a made-for-tv remake of the classic tale. 
Will you dare to not watch?

Sunday, April 4

The Learning Channel, 1:00pm
"Secrets of the Brontosaurus"
Hid big hips well.

The Learning Channel, 1:30pm
"Dinos in the snow"
Arctic finds.

The Learning Channel, 2:00pm
"Dawn of the Dinos"
New Mexico Triassic finds.

The Learning Channel, 2:30pm
"The Loch Ness Secret"
Hopefully a catchy title for an episode about marine

The Learning Channel, 3:00pm
"Valley of venom"
Evolution of snakes.

The Learning Channel, 3:00pm
"Baby Monsters"
Oh brother.  Dinosaur young from the Montana site.

Phew.  Repeat that three times fast.

Generic season's greetings,

The third was asked which animal was the smartest of all, and the Brahmin 
replied: "The one we have not found yet."
---From Plutarch's biography of Alexander the Great


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