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Paleoworld Re: Dinosaur TV Week

Apparently The Learning Channel Online doesn't call the Paleoworld shows 

They are broadcast under the rubric "Science Frontiers."

While we have no idea how local listings will treat this, it might make it 
easier to find them in a local paper, etc.

Does anyone know if Paleoworld actually still exists as a program either in 
production or re-run under its own name?


Larry Dunn wrote:

> Here are some highlights of US national television
> programming concerning dinosaurs, other prehistoric
> animals and evolution, from high art to low trash and
> (hopefully) back again, all times Eastern (check local
> listings to confirm, as even The Infallible One makes
> mistakes now and then):
> Monday, March 29
> The Learning Channel, 10:00pm (repeats immediately
> following 1:00am, and 5:00pm Sunday)
> Paleoworld
> "Dinosaur Doomsday"
> No, not dino tax day.  What killed the dinosaurs?  I'm
> with Horner on this one.
> The Learning Channel, 10:30pm (repeats immediately
> following 1:30am, and 5:30pm Sunday)
> Paleoworld
> "Killer Raptor"
> Golden eagles?  Unfortunately, no.  Dromaeosaur hunting
> techniques.

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