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Re: Test flight

Hi folks,
Mary sent me a question yesterday (or thereabouts), and I quote a snippet
below.  Mary, if you decide to thump my head for quoting you without
permission, let me put my tennis shoes on and give me a 45 second
headstart.  On second thought, considering my current physical condition,
make that a 45 minute start.

> How did your speech go?  Are you going to post on that?  I think it
> would be interesting to read and a good new thread for the dino list.

To elaborate on Mary's question, Paul MacCready was the honoree at this
year's Soaring Society of America conference at Knoxville, February
25-27.  He asked me to give an hour talk about the work Wann and I have
been doing on Quetzalcoatlus, and about the flying replica he built a few
years ago, and I did that Feb. 27.  Is this the sort of thing you guys
would be interested in hearing about?

Also, as an aside, would any of you computer graphics gurus be interested
in doing a time-varying 3-D graphics model of Q species that incorporates
our work?  There ain't no money in it, but I can guarantee you a large
investment of your time.  If any of you are interested in working on a
3-D computer model, please reply off-list.  My goal is to make
calculations for some of the launch, flight, and landing kinematics a bit
less tedious, and to provide volumes and cross section templates for a
possible new flying replica which would be a bit smaller than Paul's (his
was a half scale replica of Qn with an 18' span -- I'm thinking about a
full scale replica of Qsp with a 15.7' span -- bear in mind, Qsp is a bit
more gracile than Qn).