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Re: Test flight

In a message dated 3/29/99 6:34:45 PM Eastern Standard Time,
jrccea@bellsouth.net writes:

>  Mary sent me a question yesterday (or thereabouts), and I quote a snippet
>  below.  Mary, if you decide to thump my head for quoting you without
>  permission, let me put my tennis shoes on and give me a 45 second
>  headstart.  On second thought, considering my current physical condition,
>  make that a 45 minute start.
"You can run but you can't hide."  :-)

>  To elaborate on Mary's question, Paul MacCready was the honoree at this
>  year's Soaring Society of America conference at Knoxville, February
>  25-27.  He asked me to give an hour talk about the work Wann and I have
>  been doing on Quetzalcoatlus, and about the flying replica he built a few
>  years ago, and I did that Feb. 27.  Is this the sort of thing you guys
>  would be interested in hearing about?
Jim also had the honor of playing stump the experts, asking some
very technical flight questions at the Ostrom Symposium that no one was 
able to answer.