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Re: Dinosaur TV Week

At 23:17 -0500 29/3/99, MKIRKALDY@aol.com wrote:

>One has to wait until almost the end of the program, but Tom
>finally makes his entrance as a pool shark!  The program is mostly
>about _Deinonychus_, with _Utahraptor_ (featuring Jim Kirkland) and
>other raptors mentioned briefly.  Rather hokey police/crime theme for
>the program, but it is nice to have Paleoworld back.

The "Shrine"?  Hell, that's Nelly's Nipple.

I think they should have had Tom and the plastic dinos in stop-motion
photography.  Also, someone should have sprung for a plastic Tenontosaurus.
And why did some balls turn into bushes?  ;)

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