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Re: Dinosaur TV Week

At 11:52 PM 3/29/99 -0500, Laurie Nyveen wrote:

>>One has to wait until almost the end of the program, but Tom
>>finally makes his entrance as a pool shark!  The program is mostly
>>about _Deinonychus_, with _Utahraptor_ (featuring Jim Kirkland) and
>>other raptors mentioned briefly.  Rather hokey police/crime theme for
>>the program, but it is nice to have Paleoworld back.
>The "Shrine"?  Hell, that's Nelly's Nipple.

Yep.  Funny how that name got left out...

>I think they should have had Tom and the plastic dinos in stop-motion

Nah, I'm now computer generated. :-)

>Also, someone should have sprung for a plastic Tenontosaurus.

You know, someone really SHOULD make plastic Tenontosaurus.  Poor
non-hadrosaurid ornithopods: almost no toys of them.

(I can hear my folks now: "Yale education, and he's still playing with
plastic dinosaur toys." :-)

Speaking of dinosaur toys, if you haven't seen the "Brontosaurus" episode of
this season of Paleoworld (which actually was shown sometime last year), you
can see Bob Bakker's..., er, critique of sauropod toys.  Funny stuff: it was
filmed later the same day as my pool hall sequences, and Brent Breithaupt
and I were offscreen watching.  After the director yelled cut, everyone
burst out laughing.  (You'll know what I'm talking about when you see the

Also, something Ostrom & company never told me, that I can pass on to future
paleontologists: in documentary filming (like the Army) it is all "hurry up
and wait".  There might have been about 6 or 7 hours of real time to get the
few minutes on screen that I was in.

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