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PT paper

Tom Holtz says:

"(For fairness sake, nit-pickers can find a monstrously horrible taxon name
that must have squeaked by me during earlier drafts of the Padian et al.
paper, on column 1 of page 78...  D'oh!!  D'oh!!!  D'OHH!!!!)"

Ditto on the d'oh!  I didn't see that consarn friggin ugly @#$!*&~ either.
:-P  Makes me wish I had one of those "Men in Black" memory eraser thingies.

BTW, I'd like to clarify that (p.77) we do not explicitly define the node
"Eusaurischia."  We mention that the (Ornithischia + Saurischia) node is
unnamed.  If people like Eusaurischia, cool (IMVHO, there are too many
"Eu's" and "Neo's" already). I guess the node deserves a name someday, but
the paper is about Theropoda.

Many sincere thanks to Patrick Norton for offering to send photocopies out.
Very cool of him!

                       --John R. Hutchinson