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Re: PT paper

>At 08:39 AM 3/30/99 -0800, I wrote:
>>BTW, I'd like to clarify that (p.77) we do not explicitly define the node
>>"Eusaurischia."  We mention that the (Ornithischia + Saurischia) node is
>>unnamed.  If people like Eusaurischia, cool (IMVHO, there are too many
>>"Eu's" and "Neo's" already). I guess the node deserves a name someday, but
>>the paper is about Theropoda.

Oh geez, whoops!  Mistake here.  D'oh again, low coffee morning... of
course I meant the (Theropoda + Sauropodomorpha) node; first node within
Saurischia, not the Dinosauria node (Ornithischia + Saurischia), which is
well established.  Sorry.  I should stick to functional morphology.  :-)

                       --John R. Hutchinson