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Re: PT paper

In a message dated 3/30/99 12:08:13 PM EST, jrhutch@socrates.berkeley.edu

<< Oh geez, whoops!  Mistake here.  D'oh again, low coffee morning... of
 course I meant the (Theropoda + Sauropodomorpha) node; first node within
 Saurischia, not the Dinosauria node (Ornithischia + Saurischia), which is
 well established.  Sorry.  I should stick to functional morphology.  :-) >>

Naming nodes like these tends to crystallize them in the scientific/public
mind. I for one (and Michael Cooper and Robert Bakker at least would be on my
side, and the late Alan Charig, too) absolutely disagree that the node
Theropoda + Sauropodomorpha is distinct from Dinosauria.