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Re: PT paper

At 02:22 PM 3/30/99 EST, Dinogeorg wrote:

><< Which is fine: if the clade uniting Neornithes and _Cetiosaurus_ is the
> clade as that uniting Neornithes and _Triceratops_, then Dinosauria has
> priority and "Eusaurischia" is a junior synonym not to be used.  If,
> instead, _Cetiosaurus_ is found to be closer to Neornithes than to
> _Triceratops_, then Eusaurischia is a useful term. >>
>(Gotta see that paper; my JVP 19(1) will likely arrive shortly after SVP
>cashes my dues check, now in the mail.)

The whole issue is pretty good, as I noted previously.

>Meanwhile: ARRGH! Not Cetiosaurus! Why not Diplodocus or Shunosaurus or some
>other better-known sauropod?

Okay, technically it would probably be _Saltasaurus_ by priority (in Wilson
& Sereno's paper).  _Diplodocus_ was our first thought, and probably would
have been best overall (it is well known, and it was known when Marsh named
Sauropoda, unlike _Saltasaurus_).  However, I wanted to see at least ONE of
the dinosaurs listed in Owen's British Fossil Reptiles (albeit not in
Dinosauria) get used as an anchor taxon for a major dinosaur clade.

(I *STILL* think Dinosauria should have been +_Iguanodon_, +_Megalosaurus_,
but I need a time machine to fix that priority...).

Okay, so the type of _Cetiosaurus_ sucks.  On the other hand, the chances
the type is an animal other than a sauropod dinosaur is vanishingly remote.
(The same goes for _Megalosaurus_: although some might have complained that
it isn't well known, the type specimen is unquestionably a theropod dinosaur).

Speaking of PT, both Froelich's perrisodactyl paper (with an interesting
result concerning brontotheres: in some analyses, they came out within
Paleotheriidae) and Wilkinson's review of basal mammals deal with questions
of Phylogenetic Taxonomy.

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