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Re: PT paper

In a message dated 3/30/99 11:38:35 AM Eastern Standard Time,
jrhutch@socrates.berkeley.edu writes:

<< "(For fairness sake, nit-pickers can find a monstrously horrible taxon name
 that must have squeaked by me during earlier drafts of the Padian et al.
 paper, on column 1 of page 78...  D'oh!!  D'oh!!!  D'OHH!!!!)" 
 Ditto on the d'oh!  I didn't see that consarn friggin ugly @#$!*&~ either.
 :-P  Makes me wish I had one of those "Men in Black" memory eraser thingies.

Um, not to bring up painful memories or anything, but for the benefit of we
ignorant souls without this issue of JVP, what exactly is this bemoaned name
on page 78?

-Christian Kammerer