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Scholarship Opportunity Announcement

Gretings All,

Field Paleontology Participant Announcement for 1999

The Grand River Museum is pleased to announce the formation of the Female
Planet Scholarship for our field paleontology program.  The scholarship
includes a waiver of the 1999 field program fee and a $200 stipend, which
can be used to offset costs to the applicant.  Preferences will be given to
female undergraduate students attending United States institutions, with an
interest in gaining experience in various aspects of field paleontology,
especially those relating to Late Cretaceous faunas.  The successful
applicant must be able to attend one of the two weeks of our scheduled dig
(starting 25 July 1999 or  01 August 1999).

Applicants should submit (written in English) curriculum vitae, a brief one
page narrative stating paleontological research interests and how this
field experience will be of help in furthering applicant's education, and
the names and addresses of two references.

Complete applications must be received prior to 01 May 1999 to be
considered for 1999 funding, and should be mailed or preferably e-mailed to:

        Dr. Steven D. Sroka
        Executive Director
        Grand River Museum
        211 1st Avenue West
        Lemmon, SD  57638
Roger A. Stephenson
Assistant Director
Grand River Museum
Lemon, South Dakota
"Put the bunny, back in the box!"