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Re: Ornithopod toys [was: Re: Dinosaur TV Week]

For sure. You can spend $50 and buy a 1/24 scale resin Tenontosaurus. The 
Museum offers a _Lambeosaurus,  _Muttaburrasaurus, _Megalosaurus, and
_Scelidosaurus, and the rare large scale Troodon(which they had to stop making 
to a lawsuit), in addition to lots of others already listed. Carnegie also 
makes a
Wild Safari dinosaur series, which are not to scale with respect to each other, 
are still pretty accurate. The only one not offered by other series is
_Carcharodontosaurus. For 1999, Carnegie has come out with a 1/10
_Psittacosaurus.And don't forget _Dilophosaurus(Battat and Carnegie) and
_Amargasaurus (Battat).


Jonathan R. Wagner wrote:

> Thomas R. Holtz, Jr. wrote:
> >You know, someone really SHOULD make plastic Tenontosaurus.  Poor
> >non-hadrosaurid ornithopods: almost no toys of them.
>         Actually, of the hadrosaurs, all I've seen are:
>         _Parasaurolophus_       Battat and Carnegie and assorted tiny generics
>         _Corythosaurus_         Carnegie
>         _Maiasaura_             Battat and Carnegie
>         "_Trachodon_"           Every little dinosaur set ever made
>                 (= _Anatotitan_)
>         Of Hadrosauroids:
>         _Ouranosaurus_          Battat (in two sizes!, really neat...)
>         Of Iguanodontoids/Ankylopollexians/whatevers:
>         _Iguanodon_             Carnegie, BMNH, a lot of generic dino toys
>         So, while your "higher" Ornithopods do seem to have cornered the
> ornithopod market, even they do not have all that great coverage, compared to:
>         Sauropodomorphs:
>         _Mamenchisaurus_        ?Safari
>         _Brachiosaurus_         Carnegie, BMNH
>         _Saltasaurus_           Carnegie [excellent toy!]
>         _Diplodocus_            Battat, Carnegie, and BMNH
>         _Plateosaurus_          Carnegie
>         _Apatosaurus_           Carnegie and BMNH
>         Theropods:
>         _Tyrannosaurus_         Everybody
>         _Allosaurus_            Carnegie
>         _Ceratosaurus_          Battat
>         _Utahraptor_            Battat
>         _Deinonychus_           Carnegie
>         _Baryonyx_              Carnegie
>         _Velociraptor_          Large, not 1/40th
>         _Carnotaurus_           Battat, and Carnegie
>         _Acrocanthosaurus_      Battat [excellent!]
>         _Yangchuanosaurus_      Safari
>         _Therizinosaurus_       Safari
>         _Deltadromaeus_         Carnegie
>         _Gallimimus_            Battat
>         But then, look at the rest of the Ornithischia:
>         Marginocephalia:
>         _Triceratops_           Everybody
>         _Styracosaurus_         Battat [excellent!]
>         _Pachycephalosaurus_    Battat [excellent!]
>         Thyreophora:
>         _Edomontonia_           Battat [excellent!]
>         _Euplocephalus_         Battat
>         _Stegosaurus_           Everybody
> Thanks to Rich Kissel for help in compiling this list. Errors are my own.
>         So, actually, I ought not to complain. Personally, I just want a
> darned _Kritosaurus_ or "_Gryposaurus_", but that's just not flashy enough
> to make a toy of, I suppose. Yeah, a _Tenontosaurus_ would be nice. I'd like
> to see a little _Heterodontosaurus_ in the same scale as the big Safari
> _Velociraptor_. Or, for that matter, a hypsy.
>         Well Dr. Holtz, a little bird told me RCI makes a gorgeous plastic
> _Tenontosaurus_ for $20,000, but you better have a big living room.
>         For Rich's sake, I should point out that it appears that no one
> makes a toy _Ophiacodon_. Indeed, I haven't seen any "non-dinky" Permian
> stuff myself.
> >(I can hear my folks now: "Yale education, and he's still playing with
> >plastic dinosaur toys." :-)
>         Let's just say you aren't the only one. Well, maybe the rest of us
> don't have the Yale pedigree... but some of us have more toys :).
>         Now I need to get back to work before my advisor takes a decidely
> "Ma & Pa Holtz"ish attitude.
>         :)
>         Wagner
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