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Re: Ornithopod toys [was: Re: Dinosaur TV Week]

In a message dated 3/31/99 1:21:15 PM Eastern Standard Time,
znc14@TTACS.TTU.EDU writes:

<<   Actually, of the hadrosaurs, all I've seen are:
         _Parasaurolophus_       Battat and Carnegie and assorted tiny
         _Corythosaurus_         Carnegie
         _Maiasaura_             Battat and Carnegie
         "_Trachodon_"           Every little dinosaur set ever made 
                 (= _Anatotitan_) >>

The BMNH Invicta plastics line makes a Lambeosaurus (as well as a
Muttaburrasaurus in the larger ornithopod view). I seem to recall somebody
making a Prosaurolophus, but I think my mind must have been deceiving me in

 <<  For Rich's sake, I should point out that it appears that no one
makes a toy _Ophiacodon_. Indeed, I haven't seen any "non-dinky" Permian
stuff myself.>>

Or any other basal synapsid (forget anapsids altogether) other than Dimetrodon
and a rare Edaphosaurus or Moschops (even prehistoric mammals other than
mammoths and Smilodon were traditionally rare, but nowadays I'm seeing
Prorastomus, Eobasileus, Chalicotherium, and their ilk left and right, which
is definitely heartening). As an aside, whenever one of the flimsy sails on my
toy Dimetrodons broke off, I always told myself I hadn't lost a Dimetrodon but
gained a Sphenacodon...

Christian Kammerer