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Re: Rearing up on hind legs (was Re: Parrish's neck work ...)


    Something to remember, is that only _Apatosaurus_ and _Diplodocus_ were
modeled in the study.  _Braichosaurus_ and other sauropods were not
examined.  Also, someone referred back to Bakker's "Dinosaur Heresies"
book - a brief reminder, Bakker postulated that several sauropods could
rear-up.  He did not say that ALL sauropods could successfully do it,
something to do with the sacral vertebrae and just beyond.  (Yes, he did say
that _Stegosaurus_ might easily rear-up).

    Also, carefully reading the ABC News article, I find that _Apatosaurus_
could raise its head to 18 feet - not as impressive as 30-50 feet high, but
not bad.

        Allan Edels