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Re: The Last Dinosaur Book/Show


    I'm sure that Tom knows Bob Walters (since he did the cover art for
Tom's book), and I wonder if he knows that Bob and Tess were the guest
curators of a show of historically significant dinosaur art entitled
"Designing Dinosaurs: Solving Prehistoric Puzzles" which was at the Bruce
Museum in Connecticut on September 27th, 1997 - for a few months, before
moving to Dino Fest in Phila. in 1998.   Bob had spoken about the
possibility getting such an exhibit (or similar) into regular art venues
(museums and galleries) [This was back in Nov./Dec. 1998].

    Looks like an idea whose time has come.

    Allan Edels

                [BTW: Bob and Tess are friends of mine for several years].