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Re: Howdy peoples!


Dorfield wrote:

 Hey gang! I'm definatly going to become a paleontologist when I get older and I wanna know how to get there! I come from Brisbane, Australia and was wondering: 1) What uni do I go to to get where I wanna go?2) What courses do I take3) I'm in grade 9 and am 14 yrs old: is there anything I can do right now?4) How much wood would a carnosaur demoloish if a carnosaur could demolish wood?---Suz

Well, you've already taken the first step in becoming a paleontologist, stating that you wanted to become one.  I'm going to become one as well, (I'm 17 years old.) and you should take a lot of science classes like Biology, Chemistry and anatomy.  These classes may be hard or easy depending on the teacher but you should never quit becoming a paleontologist just because the classes are hard.  After high school you should go to a community college and get in a year or two of geology and college biology and anatomy(But if you can take colleges courses during the summer in high school, that's even better.).  Next a four year university and take geology and anatomy again and get more into the paleontological part of geology.  Then your undergraduate year you should take paleontology classes to learn the fundamentals of paleontology and during your graduate year specialize in a specific field like the sauropods of Australia. (I'm going to specialize in the carnivorous dinosaurs of North America, mainly dromeosaurids.

Good luck