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Re: The Last Dinosaur Book/Show

In a message dated 99-05-01 04:20:13 EDT, you write:

      By "broader concept" I take it you mean art museums.  My guess is 
 any of them, particularly if you start in LA or San Francisco. We're 
 opening a museum a year out here and there's a shortage of "product" as 
 we say in the movie business. In view of Allan Edels' and Dan Varner's 
 recent posts I think we should continue having this discussion online, 
 and hear what the paleoartists themselves have to say. (And their 
 friends, like Allan.)  You're plugged into a whole community here that 
 would be positively affected by such a show. >>

  George, you're starting to sound like Andy Rooney. "Yeah, we can put on a 
SHOW! We can use my dad's barn!" It does sound like fun and could be quite 
helpful to a lot of the paleolife artists. Business isn't all that great... 
  A great exhibit would be Don Glut's house. You could have Don actually 
living in it. And don't forget the Sinclair dinosaurs. It would be great to 
have James Allen's Sinclair Oil  dinosaur paintings from the 30's. And one of 
Louis Jonas' World's Fair models. The Jonas studios can still make 'em.  
  An absolute must would be a display of famous dinosaur animation models by 
Harryhausen, Delgado, and Tippett, just to name a few.
  If you could find corporate sponsorship, you could do a lot of good by 
having some of the older works restored. Dan Varner.