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Re: Dromeosaurid behavior........Pack hunting!

Are you saying >STARVATION< is going to leave physical signs in the
bones or do you mean >MALNUTRITION< is going to leave physical signs in
the bones?

-Betty Cunningham

Allan Edels wrote:
> John Jackson asked:
> >There must surely be some characteristic skeletal changes associated with
> >starvation.  Can any be seen in fossils?
>     The truth is that we can see evidence of starvation in some bones of
> some animals.  I would suggest that skulls (in humans - look for pocking and
> deterioration of the orbits) and limb bones would probably be the first
> places to look, then the vertebrae and ribs.  To be sure, check Darren
> Tanke's website which might have some examples of this kind of damage.
> (Also, check with Dr. Bruce Rothchild about similar things).

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