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Re: Dromeosaurid behavior........Pack hunting!

Pharris Nicholas J wrote:

> On Thu, 29 Apr 1999, John M. Dollan wrote:
> > Yeah, but there is something so natural about the unromantic ideas!  I
> > certainly wouldn't rule it out....
> Natural?  That the _Tenontosaurus_ carcass would have gone so rancid that
> the four _Deinonychus_ who were stupid enough to eat it dropped dead right
> then and there?
> -Nick P

I think you misunderstand what I'm getting at, an admittedly I typed a quick
and not too in-depth response there.  I define a romantic idea as the great,
classical battle of T. rex against Triceratops, with both animals crashing
about, thrusting and roaring and bleeding.  I find it more natural to see the
unromantic view, such as a T. rex ambushing the Triceratops in some fashion,
or simply pouncing on an old or sick animal, and that in a matter of a bite or
two over a few moments, the whole thing is done with.  Natural, unromantic,
you see....

I'm not agreeing or disagreeing with the stupidity of a Deinonychus (and mind
you, to be stupid, I prefer to believe, one must have reasoning power in the
first place) eating at a rancid corpse.  I was only responding generally.

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