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Re: The Last Dinosaur Book/Show

gl91bciiLt@earthlink.net wrote:

>     If you could acquire a tenth of the art showcased in LDB 
> (particularly the Mark Dion installation) it would be a blockbuster. Also 
> (and this was one reason why I thought you'd like this list) you are 
> already in touch here with the best working paleoartists in the world. If 
> exhibit gaps developed from availability, you're already in touch with 
> exactly the people who could fill those gaps.     
An obvious venue for a show of this type would be Dinofest (wherever
that may be held).  Tess Kissinger put together a terrific representation
of dinosaur art for the Philadelphia DF, including some of Charles
Knight's works and, of course, the works of our resident dino list paleo
artists.  Once a show like this was put together for a special event like
Dinofest, it could then go traveling.  

(The show would star Dan Varner as Mickey Rooney and Judy Horan
as Judy Garland, with special guest appearance by Jim Farlow, playing
the barn owner in this e-musical.)