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><< George, you're starting to sound like Andy Rooney. >>
>  Make that "Mickey Rooney". Sorry. DV.

Well, my current hero is George Lucas, a visionary who knows how to get 
paid, but I'm not unlike Rooney in those old flicks! Go to 
and click on the Sha Na Na album cover, or the recent multicultural 

I think you get into being a producer or editor OR professor, because you 
see something that isn't getting the recognition it deserves (50's rock, 
ethnic literature, paleoart) and you know how to change that. Andy Warhol 
said, "Pop is about liking things." John Cage loved everything. I love 
dinosaurs and paleoart.   

Cynicism is for amateurs and kids.  Walt Disney LOVED Disneyland, Lucas 
loves Star Wars, and that's why they made the money: love, and good 
lawyers. 30 years in the business and that's what I've learned: Love and 
good lawyers. (But now I probably sound like Dustin Hoffman's character, 
the producer in "Wag the Dog"?)  

Let's continue this off line, Dan, since this is the dinosaur SCIENCE 
list and Mary must be getting ready to kick our cinephile butts. 



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