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Looking for good quality awls


 For many years we at the Royal Tyrrell Museum of Palaeontolgy have used
good quality awls to excavate our specimens. But now we have a problem.
Apparently the producer of these awls has gone out of business. We are
hoping some of our colleagues might have access to another type of awl, or
knows the whereabouts of more unsold versions of what we used to use.

 We used 2 different types of awls (one large and one small) made by a
company called: CLUTHE. The 2 models were identified as I-935 (large
version) and 1-82 (small version). These awls consisted of three parts. 2
were of metal; one the pointed part itself and secondly, another metal piece
which fit onto the top end of that and ran through a transluscent yellow
plastic handle, ending in a thick, rounded metal cap on top that a rock
hammer could strike.

 We have tried other awls over the past several years with mixed results.
All metal awls are simply TOO HOT to hold in the hot sun and wooden handled
awls break easily. Plastic handled awls with the shaft of the metal point
only running partway into the handle don't work either as you eventually
drive the shaft out the side of the plastic.

 Do you know of any good awls of the CLUTHE-type described above, or know of
someone who has a batch of unsold stock? If so, please contact me offline.

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