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Sciencescan notes

This newsletter's URL is 
http://www.cyberspacemuseum.com/news.html  If you 
repost any of this newsletter you need to document 
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Lesen Sie Deutsch?  Even if you don't, you will enjoy
the virtual tour at the Paläontologisches Museum
München (Munich Paleontological Museum). Click on
the Virtuelles Museum to begin your tour of fossils
ranging from proto-mammals, triceratops, Irish Elk, to
Pteranodon at moderate to high resolution.  They also
have an interesting "fossil of the month" exhibit too. 

Go to http://www.cyberspacemuseum.com/news1n.html 
to learn more. 

You can now visit the Denver Museum of Natural
History online. Exhibits one can visit on the Internet
include a Quicktime VR late Cretaceous scene.  The
museum also has a temporary exhibit (Feb. 5- July 5)
titled "Collosal Fossil Vacation".  It includes exhibits
such as Mammouth Monument, Digging up Denver,
Cruisin the Fossil Freeway, and the Bone Zone.

Go to http://www.cyberspacemuseum.com/news2n.html 
to learn more. 

Beri's Dinosaur World presents an article titled
"Collosal Cretaceous Crocodiles", a study about the
growth rate of these reptiles and how they compare to
those of the dinosaurs. This article reports now that
growth patterns across a series of Deinosuchus
skeletons show rates of increase that are pretty much in
line with those of smaller crocodylians and that the
animal's Brobdingnagian size was indeed reached via
an extended period of development. 

Go to http://www.cyberspacemuseum.com/news3n.html 
to learn more.