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Re: Parrish's neck work ...

At 09:52 AM 4/30/99 -0500, Matthew Bonnan wrote:
>cervical vertebrae as accurately as possible.  The basic premise is,
>once the zygopophyses lock up, no more motion is possible.  This is
>reasonable, since disarticulation of the zygopophyses in any
>vertebrate's neck usually mean paralysis or death.  What is
>interesting, I think, is the amount of ventriflexion ...
>What does this study mean?  Is Mike Parrish totally right? 

I find it interesting that both of the animals involved are relatively
slender diplodocids, which some people have claimed reared up to a tripodal
stance to feed.  Given this, I do not think that the study rules out
anything except *four-legged* high browsing.

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