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Re: The Last Dinosaur Book/Show

Everybody knows that Mickey Rooney is short, and currently (as of last year)
quite heavy, and if you've ever seen Andy Rooney, he is now quite short (as
his body seems to be curling forward with age).  Mixing up the two from a
distance is possible (One clue - Andy Rooney has more hair on his head, and
really thick eyebrows).

OF course, Mickey Rooney = Andy Hardy, so putting the two together to get
Andy Rooney is quite natural - even for the aged among us.  :-))

        Allan Edels

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> We're all sure you mean Andy Hardy. Don't you?
>  >>
>  Mickey Rooney>Andy Hardy>Andy Rooney+ageing, abused brain cells = gaffe
>  Sorry. DV.