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Dinosaur Video Game

During a weekend visit to a Sherman Oaks miniature golf course, I
noticed a huge crowd watching someone playing the latest arcade game. I
believe it was called 'Savage Quest'. After a while I put my four tokens
in and was blown away. You control a Tyrannosaurus and eat your way to
the next round. The graphics were absolutely stunning. In round one, you
get to chomp on oviraptosaurs and a pack of deinonychus, chase a herd of
hadrosaurs through a stream before the final standoff, which is against
a charging multicolored pentaceratops. You also get to chew up the
obligatory spear-throwing cavemen, who scream when you swallow them
whole. Your T-rex can run and head-butt, and also tail-swipe. The 'ROAR'
button lets loose with an earth-shaking growl that stuns your enemies.
It was an incredible experience. Round two has our character being
attacked by a group of Deinosuchus in a stream. Aside from the cavemen,
the dinosaurs and the big crocs looked and moved accurately. I believe
Atari Games produced the game. Was anyone on the list called in to
consult on the game? Has anyone else played the game? It was truly a
unique experience.   

Chris The CYNIC