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re: paleo jobs

Christopher A. Brochu wrote <most snipped>:

>But there's something else prospectives still
>in high school should know: There are more openings for >governor in the
U.S every year than for vertebrate >paleontologist

Chris this is a really good post. I have just a little bit to add:

You can work in paleontology in many other ways and contribute much to the
science. For example, I'm a computer professional and a part time
preparator. Having a carrer that gives me enough money to live on enables me
to push myself as "free labor". In return I get my mind filled with
wonderful stuff. 

Actually, I just got a new computer job at a university that will allow me
to take free classes. I'll be right next door to a lovely paleontologist and
his batch of talented graduate students. I'm not sure how this will all work
out- but I'm willing to be a paleo-slave on my off duty hours. My goal is to
someday have some small research project of my own. My point is you have
other options.  

As a side note, I think it's horribly unfair to expect college bound people
that are 16-19 years old to decide on a career. I went into computers my
freshman year expecting to get my Masters in library science. Then I decided
I liked computers the next year and would stick with that instead and not go
on for my Masters. Then  I changed my mind again my 4th year (in a five year
school) and realized that I really should of taken geology! I finished up my
BS in Computer information studies and didn't change majors. It was a
pratical decision, but if I could have wound the tape backwards I wish I
could have stared out differently.

They REALLY should have a general arts program and a general science program
in the first 2 years, coupled with a required co-op program to explore
hands-on your carrer of choice. Then the last two years of your BS decide on
your major.

-Sherry Michael 

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