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Sauropod necks

It looks like I missed a fun thread while I was messing around in the
Devonian this weekend. I do have one observation to add:

I had the honor of working on an _Apatosaurus_ from '96-'98. I can't really
give anyone a good picture of how damn hard they are to not only to collect,
but to prep. This dinosaur took at least 3 years to get out! In two years I
was only able to prep (working part time) one stinkin' cervical!! Not only
are these animals HUGE, but the matrix is REALLY hard!

My observations lead me to think that few museums and paleontologists want
to invest thier limited time, storage space and other resources in a known
type of sauropod. I know of at least a couple of sauropods that are sitting
in the ground now because no one wants to hassle with them! While I
understand this completely, I wonder how this effects our knowledge of these

I also wish that more museums would display a sauropod vert, unarticulated
and at eye level. I don't think anyone can have a full understanding of the
wonder of these animals until they see the complex beauty of the verts,
especially cervicals.

-Sherry Michael

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