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Re: Howdy peoples!

At 10:03 AM 5/1/99 -0500, Megaraptor wrote:

>After high school you
>should go to a community college and get in a year or two of geology and
>college biology and anatomy(But if you can take colleges courses during
>the summer in high school, that's even better.).

Although the community college route is useful for some people for financial
or other reasons, going straight to a four year college works out as well.

>Next a four year
>university and take geology and anatomy again and get more into the
>paleontological part of geology.  Then your undergraduate year you
>should take paleontology classes to learn the fundamentals of
>paleontology and during your graduate year specialize in a specific
>field like the sauropods of Australia. (I'm going to specialize in the
>carnivorous dinosaurs of North America, mainly dromeosaurids.

Don't be surprised if you get deflected to some other area of interest: it
happens to a lot of people.  I've seen people come into grad school bound
and determined to do dinosaurs, and leave doing molecular systematics of
forams.  John Ostrom didn't even know he wanted to be a paleontologist until
well into college!

(On the other hand, I've been obsessed with tyrannosaurs for longer than I
can remember, and I've never been deflected from that course).

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