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Re: Sauropod necks

I kind of know what you mean. I saw a partial skull of a blue whale once
at Anno Neuvo (where the elephant seals hang out offshore in
California).  The rangers had found it and dragged it up to a visitor's
area. It was being climbed on by a large number of children (I assume
they thought it was a piece of driftwood).  It was the size of a small
sofa.  I had a new respect for the size of blue whales once I realized
that this was actually the back of it's head.

-Betty Cunningham

Sherry Michael wrote:
> I also wish that more museums would display a sauropod vert, unarticulated
> and at eye level. I don't think anyone can have a full understanding of the
> wonder of these animals until they see the complex beauty of the verts,
> especially cervicals.

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