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Re: Dinosaurs of the Silk Road

--On Monday, May 03, 1999, 12:54 PM -0500 TWILLIAMS@canr1.cag.uconn.edu

> Has _Chaoyangosaurus_ been officially described yet?  I heard Dr 
> Sereno had a phylogeny in the works which included this genus - 
> anyone know if it's been published yet?  

Although I'm not sure if the formal description is out yet, I do believe
that the phylogeny was in:

Sereno, P.C.  (1997).  "The origin and evolution of dinosaurs."  Annual
Review of Earth and Planetary Sciences 25: 435-489.  

I don't have the paper on me right now, to the best of my memory, the
phylogeny ran something like:


Someone else might be able to fill in the gaps.  

BTW, anyone here looked at _Stenopelix_?  I may be way off base here, and
I've only looked at photos, but doesn't it look an awful lot like a headless

Just a thought.