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R: Heterodontosaurids

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Data: lunedì 3 maggio 1999 20.49
Oggetto: Re: Heterodontosaurids

>> Just looking at the old cerapod phylogeny and shaking my head about the
>> placement of heterodontosaurids.  If you look at the jugal boss and
>> caniniform teeth, don't you see basal pachycephalosaur?
>_Orodromeus_ and _Zephyrosaurus_ also show a jugal boss.  These are
>definitely ornithopods - of the family Hypsilophodontidae (although
>I believe this has been broken up into more than one clade by some
>> Now if _Lanasaurus_
>> is a valid taxon and it does lack the caniniform teeth,
>It does?  Maybe it's just a female, or a juvenile, and only males had
>> The only reason I include ceratopsians in a group with
>> "heterodontosaurids"/pachycephalosaurs exclusive of _Lanasaurus_ is
>> of the caniniform teeth in _Protoceratops_, which could be because of
>> convergence.
>I didn't know _Protoceratops_ had caniniform teeth.

Not only Protoceratops but also Breviceratops had three caniniform teeth.

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