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Re: Heterodontosaurids

In a message dated 5/3/99 1:21:19 PM EST, jconrad@lib.drury.edu writes:

<< Doesn't removal of the
 latter from Ornithopoda seem most likely to be right?   >>

I believe you're indeed right, which is why I published exactly this 
phylogeny in my article on Heterodontosauria for Gakken back in 1994:

Olshevsky, G., 1994. "The Origin and Evolution of the Heterodontosaurians," 
Kyoryugaku Saizensen [Dino-Frontline] 8: 74?97 [illustrations by T. L. Ford; 
in Japanese].

Check out the cladograms therein. There are, however, a few complications 
that need to be dealt with.