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Re: Places to see in Canada

At 04:27 AM 5/4/99 +0900, you wrote:
>Pardon the cross-posting...
>I'll be visiting Ottawa, Toronto, and possibly Vancouver in June. Care to
>recommend museums and institutes worth visiting?

Never been to Vancouver, but in Ottawa you have to go to the Canadian Museum
of Nature (and cross the river to Hull to see the Canadian Museum of Man (is
that the name... The big historical/anthropological/art museum) if that is
your kind of thing).  And in Toronto, the Royal Ontario Museum is a must.

And if you can get to Calgary, definitely make your way to Drumheller and
see Heaven-on-Earth... I mean, the Royal Tyrrell Museum of [don't forget the
extra "a"] Palaeontology.

>From an American occasionally mistaken for a Canadian by Brits (and

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