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(fwd) Cuban crocodile hunting techniques

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Subject: Cuban crocodile hunting techniques
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On a recent trip to Gatorland, Florida, i had the opportunity to talk with
several of the keepers of the crocodiles, including their Cuban crocodiles. 
now, i've read up quite a bit on crocs, and know a passing amount about the
Cuban crocs, like the longer legs for running, more terrestrial habits than
other crocs, smaller size, etc.  Imagine my surprise when the keeper informed
me that they were pack hunters!  i don't knbow how true this is, so i'm trying
to see if anyone else has heard of the same thing.  the keeper, who was very
knowledgeable about these animals, told of a time when they attempted to attack
one of the keepers as he was cleaning out the pool (which had been drained). 
they apparently surrounded the empty pool, spacing themselves more or less
equally, and simultaneously heaved forward and slid down the empty pool floor
toward the keeper.

I have never heard of anything like this before, and would greatly appreciate
any info either confirming or refuting this claim.