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Re: [Pack behavior: just a thought ...]

Didn't we find some sort of correllary (sp?) evidence like this with Sue and

Archosaur J


"Matthew Bonnan" <Z966341@wpo.cso.niu.edu> wrote:
> Hey folks:
> With this on-going theropod hunting thread, and hypotheses and
> speculations abounding, I thought I'd throw my hat in with a
> hypothesis.  I have no idea how well this could be tested, but it's
> worth a try.  Skeptics please begin firing away:
> If an animal is within a larger collective group, it may be taken
> care of by the other animals in that group if it has sustained an
> injury preventing it from hunting.  If we were to find a Deinonychus
> with a severely broken but healed leg wound, we might be on a path to
> saying something concrete about their behavior: with such a bad leg,
> about the only way such a dinosaur could get food would be if
> something else brought it to him/her.
> I am not a theropod expert, but there seem to be quite a few of you
> on this list, so have at it.
> Remember, our null hypothesis is no hunting behavior, so if we find
> the kind of evidence I suggest, we may have some support for the
> alternative hypothesis: pack behavior.  Plus, it is an observable,
> testable phenomena, other researchers can confirm it (or reject it),
> it is falsifiable, and it has predictive power: if we find these major
> fractures and heal marks in known pack predators, and this feature can
> be correlated definitely with pack behavior, our finding it in some
> dinosaurs may suggest that they were pack hunters too.
> Yes, I know, there is a lot to be desired here, but take a stab at
> it, no holds barred.  And yes, I should be doing my research, but I
> just thought of this and wanted to lend support as well as skepticism
> to the pack hypothesis.
> Whattaya think?  Come on, tear this baby down!
> Matt Bonnan
> Dept. Biological Sciences
> Northern Illinois University

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