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RE: Rearing up on hind legs (was Re: Parrish's neck work ...)

On sauropod brains and blood pressure ...

Sauropods have tiny brains.  I've always felt the amount of blood
necessary to travel up the neck wasn't as "crucial" to them as to
other dinosaurs.  Plus, it's not a one way system - venus blood is
flowing back to the heart - we don't have a one-way elevator, it's a
two way street.

BUT, here is my disclaimer: I am not an expert on vertebrate
circulatory systems.  C'mon, I know someone out there is waiting to
nail me on this one.

Also, numerous ancillary "hearts" also struck me as pretty weird too.
 Arterial valves I could see, but extra "hearts" doesn't seem to fit
in even the most generous vertebrate phylogenetic brackets.  Unless
sauropods are indeed hagfish, sliming their opponents when attacked
... =)

Ah, well, are you all sick of my ramblings lately?  I'm new to this
list and I have to admit it's been fun to interact with you all.  My
dissertational responsibilities promise to kick into overdrive very
soon and so you may not have to put up with me for too much longer!

Matt Bonnan
Dept. Biological Sciences
Northern Illinois University

"I study things that are so dead they don't smell anymore."