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The last Last Dinosaur Book posting? (was Re: The Last Dinosaur Book(long))

At 02:27 PM 5/4/99 +0200, Ilja Nieuwland wrote:

[snip of some very good stuff...]

>The same
>phenomenon occurs in the case of the 'dinosaur'. This popular image has
>little or no bearing on the identity of actual animals that we study.

Indeed.  And towards that end, and given that this list exists for the
discussion of dinosaur *science*, perhaps we can make our way towards
winding up this discussion of dinosaur totemism.

Or else you will be forced to endure the honest truth of children dinosaur
totemism: few children I knew every idolized "the dinosaur": we had our
favorite dinosaur.  Three guesses what giant Lancian arctometatarsalian was
mine... :-)

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