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Havre Montana Badlands Info

Hi folks... this is a long shot, but...

Does anyone out there know of any resources, online or otherwise, that
can give me information on the geological history, age, etc., of the
Havre badlands?  I know the age to roughly 78 million years, but I'd
like to find specifics, such as what range of ages are exposed, and what
the likely topography and environmental conditions were during the time
when the exposed layers were being laid down.  I am also attempting to
find resources through the MSU library system, but it is proving to be
surprisingly difficult!  Also, any info on the species that may be found
as fossils here, and their appropriate age, would be great!

anyway, any info would be much appreciated.  I am attempting to put
together an informative website on the area, as well as a log of the
fossils that I have found here.


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