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Re: Dinosaurs of the Silk Road

Jack Conrad wrote:

<BTW, anyone here looked at _Stenopelix_?  I may be
way off base here, and I've only looked at photos, but
doesn't it look an awful lot like a headless

  Too plesiomorphic for that. I've also had a chance
to see some nice photos of this beast, and the only
conclusion I had was that this was a transistory form
between heterodontosaurs and pachycephalosaurs, the
latter being (like *Homalocephale*) more plesiomorphic
relatively than *Psittacosaurus*. This included
pelvic, femoral, and tibial gross morphology and
proportions. I'd done a real basic of this animal and
*Xiaosaurus*, and found they share a lot in common
with *Heterodontosaurus*, at least superficially and
in the latter, very much in the extremities as an
"outgroup" taxon.


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Jaime A. Headden

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