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Re: [Re: Pack behavior... Injured Dinosaur

Frank Galef <tyra-rex2@nctimes.net> wrote:
> I wonder how often modern reptiles injure limbs without necessarily dying
> as a result.  As  reptiles don't have a real high metabolism, they may be
> able to wait  a few months while a leg heals enough to hunt again.

Check out Darren Tanke's website concerning his project: "The annotated
bibliography of vertebrate paleopathology and extant wild animal
disease/injuries" at http://dns.magtech.ab.ca/dtanke/

Unfortunately, there are no examples on the site.  However, you can ask
Darren some specific questions .   (Of course, he is on-list).  Some
examples of dinosaurs with what on first glance seem to be fatal injuries
(but weren't) were on display last year at DinoFest.

        Allan Edels